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valentina acosta/actress for esquire colombia

Diana Lemus/Model for Esquire Colombia

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo/Scientist for Gente Magazine Colombia

Ernesto Samper/Fomer president of colombia for Esquire Colombia

Jorge Baron/television presenter, media personality for esquire colombia

Fashion Editorial with Beto Cuevas/Singer for esquire colombia

Juan Manuel Santos/former president of colombia for gente magazine Colombia

Coraima Torres/Actress for Esquire colombia

Madame Perine/Catalina Garcia for esquire colombia

Taliana Vargas/actress for gente magazine colombia

mario vargas llosa/writer for esquire colombia

Jennifer Hernandez/model for esquire colombia

gay talese/writer for esquire colombia

Catalina Garcia/Singer for Bocas Magazine Colombia

Valeriano Lanchas/Opera Singer for Bocas Magazine Colombia

Sofia Gomez/freediver for Bocas Magazine Colombia

Carolina Castro/Model for Fucsia Magazine colombia

Mabel Moreno/Actress for Carrusel Magazine colombia

Martina La Peligrosa for Sony Music Colombia

Stephanie Cayo/Actress for Caras Magazine Peru


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